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Presidency University Syllabus for Admission Test : 2012 - 2013
(The syllabus to the tests would be of Higher Secondary (10+2) or equivalent standard)
Candidates are advised to consult the Model Question Papers
(consultation of previous years’ questions is not recommended).

Bengali Included within the Model Question Paper.
Botany MCQ on (to be answered in OMR sheet):
Life science of Classes XI and XII standard of WBHSC.
MCQ on (to be answered in OMR sheet):
Atoms, Molecules & Chemical Arithmetic; Atomic Structure; Radioactivity; Chemical Bonding; Gas Laws; Energetics and Dynamics; Acid-base, Solubility and Redox Equilibria; Colloids; Electrolytic Solutions & Chemical Equilibrium; Colligative Properties; Periodic Table and Periodic Properties; Chemistry of Elements and their Compounds; Chemistry of Organic; Compounds: hydrocarbons; alkyl halides, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, nitrogen compounds, Grignard reagents, benzene and its derivatives; Biomolecules: carbohydrates, amino acids; Principles of qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis.
Economics Mathematics (70 marks) (Candidates will have to answer twenty five multiple choice questions of two marks each and four short answer type questions of 5 marks each)
Algebra: Arithmetic progression and geometric progression, logarithms, theory of quadratic equations, permutation and combination, principles of mathematical induction, binomial theorem for positive integral index, infinite series, matrix and determinant; Trigonometry: Associated angles, trigonometric ratio of compound angles, multiplicative and sub-multiplicative angles, properties of triangles; Coordinate Geometry: Basic ideas, equation of straight line, equation of circle, sets, relations and mapping, conics-parabola, ellipse, hyperbola; Differential Calculus: Idea of number systems, functions, limit, continuity and differentiability, derivative of functions , working rule of derivative, rules of differentiation of product, sum and quotient of two functions(statements), differential coefficient of trigonometric functions, derivative of function, differentiation of function, implicit function (statement) and derivative, differentiation of function in parametric form, second order derivative of function; Integral Calculus: Indefinite integral, integration by parts, definite integral; Differential Equation – First order, First degree; Tangent and Normal; Maxima and Minima; Determination of Area; Velocity and Acceleration – Simple Applications; Probability, Random experiment and outcome in simple space, events, equally likely outcomes, classical definition, additive and multiplicative rules.
English (30 marks) One essay, One comprehension.
English Candidates are to be tested on: Linguistic competence; Comprehension ability; Literary aptitude and interpretive skills; Familiarity with literary and cultural texts, Flair for expression.
Questions will be in two parts: Group A (Language) and Group B (Literature). Group B will be evaluated only if the candidate qualifies in Group A.
Geography Practical of 10 marks; Objective and short answer type questions on: Earth and its Environment, Geography of India including Map study, General Science, and Elementary Mathematics (for all); Physical-, Economic-, Human- and Practical Geography (for Arts students); Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (for Science students without Geography)
Geology MCQ on (to be answered in OMR sheet):
Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of Class XII standard of WBHSC.
Hindi Essay, literary appreciation, comprehension, expansion in Hindi, grammatical questions.
History Précis, Comprehension, Matching of the pairs and writing, Discussion or essay
Mathematics Multiple choice type and comprehensive type questions on Algebra, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate geometry (2D), Calculus, differential equation, Probability theory and vector algebra.
Philosophy Comprehension, Summary, Elucidation and Critical reasoning and general aptitude.
Physics MCQ on (to be answered in OMR sheet):
Physics of +2 standard
Physioligy MCQ on (to be answered in OMR sheet)
Biology (mainly on Human Physiology), basic numerical problems of Physics and Chemistry, elementary mathematics.
Political Science An Essay on contemporary social and political issues (may be written either in English or in Bengali. Limit: 1000 words), an Examinee’s comment on any national / international political issue (may be written either in English or in Bengali. Limit: 700 words), 15 Short questions on basic concepts of political science and recent developments in national / international politics (may be written either in English or in Bengali. Limit: Maximum Two Sentences for each answer)
Sociology Essay in English or Bengali; concepts on recent social issues (English or Bengali); comprehension test (English) or an English passage; short answer type questions/MCQ on Indian society and concepts.
Statistics MCQ (2 marks), broad answer type ( 5 marks ) questions on:
Algebra: Sets, operations on sets. Prime numbers, factorization of integers and divisibility. Rational and irrational numbers. Indices. Permutations and combinations. Binomial theorem. Logarithms. Theory of quadratic equations. Polynomials and remainder theorem. Arithmetic and geometric progressions. Inequalities involving AM, GM, and HM., Complex numbers, Sequences, Series – logarithmic and exponential .
Geometry: Plane geometry of class X level. Geometry of two dimensions with Cartesian and polar coordinates. Concept of a locus. Equation of a line, angle between two lines, distance from a point to a line. Area of a triangle. Equations of circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola and equations of their tangents and normals. Mensuration.
Trigonometry: Measures of angles. Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions. Trigonometric identities including addition formulæ, Solutions of trigonometric equations. Properties of triangles. Heights and distances.
Calculus: Functions, even and odd functions, one-to-one functions, onto functions. Limits and continuity. Derivatives and methods of differentiation. Slope of a curve. Tangents and normals. Maxima and minima. Use of calculus in sketching graph of functions. Methods of integration, definite and indefinite integrals, evaluation of area using integrals.
Elementary Statistics & Quantitative / Logical Reasoning: Elementary knowledge of probability up to classical definition of probability; Consistency of statements , Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.
Zoology MCQ on (to be answered in OMR sheet):
Biology (excluding plant science) of Class XI and XII standard of WBHSC.

Presidency University, Kolkata


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